2 Nassau Blvd.
Garden City South, NY

Store Hours:
Tuesday thru Saturday
10 AM to 5 PM

Effective immediately, Barnes Gallery and Handcrafted Imports are collaborating by bringing exquisite ceramic pieces from South African
designers ready for purchase at Barnes Gallery in Garden City. Handcrafted Imports brings the awesome beauty and creativity of the most
talented artisans of South Africa to the USA. Uniquely designed by South African artists, the exquisite ceramic pieces each communicate a
personal “story” of obtaining beauty through determination and triumph. Handcrafted Imports not only tells the artists’ “story”, but also
improves the lives and the economy of South Africa by practicing Fair Trade for all, specifically fair and sustainable wages, training, business
development and life-enhancing skills for the South African people.

Barnes Gallery, known for its tasteful design and offerings for over 40 years, is the perfect provider and partner for Handcrafted Imports
because they have always recognized and believe in fine design and craftsmanship.

Greg Schnoor, owner of Barnes Gallery states that “offering these items shows, in a very tangible way, that lives can be impacted for the
better with both support and style for sustainability”.

Eleanor Poppe, CEO of Handcrafted Imports says, “The ‘stories’ of the South African artists are told through their offerings...we are just
trying to make a way for them to be heard.”
Barnes brings South African Artistry to Garden City Gallery
Greg Schnoor (Barnes Gallery owner) and
Eleanor Poppe (CEO Handcrafted Imports)
show some of the company's pottery.